I am a YA librarian with the Brooklyn Public Library in Brooklyn, New York. In my spare time I study Japanese, crochet, wander around the city, and read a lot of books and write mean things about them.

This is the part that gets me into trouble!

Still, I think I will defend negative reviews. In high school I suffered from the assumption that if I was assigned a book, and hated it, it was because I wasn’t smart enough to understand it. That was probably true much of the time. And yet – even if it was because I wasn’t smart enough to understand the book, I had every right to my own feelings about it.

I am just one blogger in a sea of kidlit bloggers. I don’t get ARCs (and please don’t send me any; if I get any more books, they will fall over and suffocate me) and I don’t have professional reviewing credentials. The only thing I have is my own ornery and honest reactions.


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  1. British Author offers USD5000 for the plot of her next book


    In 2007, the highly original Christmas book Christine Kringle was test marketed in the UK and USA and received outstanding reviews. This year, author Lynn Brittney, is offering readers of the book the chance to win USD$5000 (five thousand) or equivalent in their national currency, if they can come up with a one page synopsis of a plot for book two in the series.
    “There are endless possibilities for future adventures for Christine Kringle and her friends,” explains the author, “and this competition gives me the unique chance to find out what characters and situations the readers would like to experience in the next book in the series.”
    Christine Kringle, for those not familiar with the book, offers a new slant on the Santa story. It is revealed that there is not just one Santa Claus – in fact there are almost one hundred – each representing their own country and with their own special name. All of them are members of one large family corporation, called the Yule Dynasty and the job of each country’s Gift Bringer is usually handed down from father to son. However, Kris Kringle of the USA doesn’t have a son but he has a very competent teenage daughter called Christine and, at this year’s Yule Dynasty Conference, Kris is going to ask if he can pass his job onto his daughter when he retires. The Dynasty is just about to vote when disaster strikes. A town in England has banned Christmas! Could this be the end of the Festive Season as we know it? Not if Christine and her friends have anything to do with it! What follows is a sparkling adventure of comic intensity, with larger-than-life characters.
    The author of Christine Kringle, Lynn Brittney, is an established writer, whose first Young Adult novel, an acclaimed spy thriller set in the Elizabethan era, called Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times, is about to be released in the US under the Feiwel & Friends imprint. Christine Kringle is beautifully illustrated by artist Brita Granström, whose outstanding work has garnered many awards and commendations.
    Entry forms for the competition can be found on the website, http://www.christinekringle.com and anyone aged over 9 and under 90 can enter. The entries must be in English and the competition runs from 1st September 2008 to 31st January 2009. “That gives people who have received the book as a Christmas present another month in which to submit an entry,” adds the author. “It’s important that readers really get under the skin of the characters in order to formulate the plot of another adventure.”
    The winner will not only receive the cash prize but will also have their name on the front of the next book in the Christine Kringle series.

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